Grey Moddb Update – “Our Little Secret”


Hey Guys!

It’s time for another small news update! This one with some new pictures of our maps and some info about our mod which you probably didn’t know already.

We’ve been working on the mod for about 3 years and I think it’s time to let you in on a little bit more of the storyline of it. Grey is our latest horror mod, prefaced by Mistake-1 (an older HL1 mod) which takes place in an asylum with many familiar deserted corridors, empty halls, sick doctors and many secrets. We won’t quite tell you if it’s a prequel or sequel to Grey, but we will let you find out yourselves. To understand Grey’s story and figure out everything about its world, you should play through Mistake and Mistake-1. So hurry up and get these mods before Grey’s release.


You can get the mods from moddb and explore Andrew Parker Asylum’s patient 311363′s fate yourselves.


Mistake-1 and Mistake on Moddb


And of course what would a news update be without news relative to the mod itself? Here is your monthly dose of in-game pictures to look at. They’re both dark, abandoned outdoor areas with lots of trash and some lights with the good Grey mod style and feeling.



Thanks for reading our news post and if you want more info about our development, follow us on facebook, our site, or our forums which are all places where we can share smaller news and frequently update.