Like the mod and want to support it? Donate and get in-game benefits of the double-barrel shotgun and your name in the credits!

Donator Benefits

- Double-barrel shotgun

- Download priority (Fast download link for donators only. No longer available after public release on August 25th EST time)

- Name in the credits as a donator (No longer available to new donators after August 20th EST time)

[Donations no longer available. Thank you to all that supported us!]

After donating in order to get access to the Donator Only Boards and get your in-game code for use, create an account on the forums and PM Alters with your unique PayPal transaction ID as well as your email name you donated with (if applicable). You should have received this information in your confirmation email from PayPal. It can also be viewed in PayPal itself if you donated with a PayPal account.