Grey Moddb Release News



We are pleased to announce to you all that Grey has been officially released! Get it now under “Downloads” on Moddb.We hope you enjoy Grey as much as we have making it. Don’t forget to explore everywhere and enjoy the horror that awaits you in Grey’s life.


Grey v1.0 Rar


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Deppresick Team

Grey Pre-Release News #5


Thanks to all of you guys for supporting our Mod we have managed to reach our 300 members goal on the forums. Because of this, we are glad to announce that the new release date is August 25th!

Make sure to be on the lookout on our site for when the mod is released to get the downloads on time. Also don’t forget to give a little thanks to our donators on the forums who helped support this mod and the bandwidth we will be using on the 25th!


Thank you all for your support and thank you donators for contributing to our work on Grey. It was very much appreciated.

Donator News: We do unfortunately have to announce that as it is now August 20th (and possibly past then depending are when you are reading this) – we can no longer add new donators to the credits. As Grey is being finalized and uploaded we are unable to continue editing our credits. If you still wish to donate you will still receive the in-game double-barrel shotgun but we will be unable to add you to the credits.

Deppresick Team