Grey Pre-Release News #4


Hey guys!

With the release of Grey just around the corner we are here to give you your second to last Pre-Release news before release.

First of all we are over halfway there to our goal of 300 forum members and with just a little bit more support Grey will be released early. If you want to help Grey get released early register on our forums over at and maybe make a post to introduce yourself!

We are excited to know that people will get to experience our mod soon and we hope you all enjoy it. We thank you all again for your massive support and we are happy to see so many interested in our mod. Please note that when Grey is officially released you will find the download links over on our site and later on Moddb too when it finishes uploading and is processed.

In other news: Donators, after August 20th we will no longer be adding new donators to the credits. This is due to us needing to finalize the files, upload them, and prepare for release. If you donate post-August 20th we will only be able to provide you with the in-game shotgun. You will not be in the credits. 

If you have donated but have yet to register on our forums and post your donator name, do so now! We have tried our best to keep our donator list organized and email anyone who has yet to register after donating but it is very possible we have missed you. Please read the bottom of this page to know what you must to do to get proper access to your in-game donator benefits as well as be in the credits.

Thank you all again for your support of Grey. We appreciate every bit of it.

Want to discuss Grey before and after release? End up getting stuck in-game or have any issues? Visit us on our forums over at to get what you need!

Deppresick Team

Grey Pre-Release News #3


Thanks for your massive support everyone! Last night we managed to hit our goal of 2300 watchers on Moddb and we are glad to announce to you the release date of Grey today!


Want Grey early? Help us get 300 legitimate members on our forums or 1300 facebook likes and we will release Grey earlier than the date you see here! Worried that an earlier release date means less polish? Don’t be. We have carefully planned our release date of Grey for some time now and we feel Grey will be as polished as we can make it for release, regardless of these potential dates.

Please note that if you wish to donate, now is the time to do so. After release we will be unable to add more donator’s to the credits. Also note though that we can still give you the donator’s weapon post-release, if you wish to wait or don’t have anything to donate yet.

Thanks again for all your support. We hope you enjoy Grey when it is released!

If you want more Grey news join our community at or our Facebook community or just simply Track the mod at Moddb, it’ll help us a lot!

Deppresick Team